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the first Chinese wood flooring
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Posted 3:59 PM Friday, August 11, 2017   [ quote ]

In the economic globalization today, independent intellectual property rights play a key role in determining the survival of enterprises. Strengthen the independent intellectual property rights research and development, learn to use the law and other means to protect their own core technology, is the development of domestic enterprises imperative.composite decking wall panel

In the "Protection of Intellectual Property Week" activities the next day, China's famous flooring brand Dewei held in Beijing, "tree industry durable new standard, create a conservation-oriented society" - Dewei 2007 "Dewey NCD no corner processing technology "Press conference, the first Chinese wood flooring industry with completely independent.wpc outdoor decking discount

intellectual property rights of the invention patent officially unveiled. At the same time, Dewey through their own physical experience loudly: China's flooring industry to increase the intensity of independent innovation, cherish, respect for the existing independent intellectual property rights!linoleum vinyl flooring philippines

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