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Real wood floor compares to aggrandizement floor
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Posted 9:08 AM Thursday, November 9, 2017   [ quote ]

Real wood floor with its real grain, beautiful nature, warm summer cool, feet feeling good and environmental protection and so on have been favored by consumers. And Best Floor Build is compared to aggrandizement floor is also more expensive, so also became a mark that shows decorates class.

The real wood floor is more delicate and more delicate than the compound floor, the stability is poorer, therefore, in the use, should avoid hard object's knock, do not prevent too hot thing on the floor. Moreover, every period of time needs to be waxed and maintained. Try to avoid the floor with a lot of water, in case it expands and deforms because of soaking.

Aggrandizement wood floor has sweet and natural adornment effect not only, and the surface wear resistance, moisture resistance, flame retardancy, impact resistance and so on all is better than real wood floor, therefore the modern home decoration.

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