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Jr. clone he should grab himself a Wolverine."
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If John Elway is looking for a Chris Harris Broncos NewsBroncos 2019 Draft ClassBroncos PodcastsBroncos 2019 ScheduleKey Offseason DatesCommunity RulesFull ArchiveBroncos StoriesScheduleRosterStatsOdds Shop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Denver Broncos 2019 DraftThe 2019 Prospect who most resembles Chris Harris Jr. New Cheap Noah Fant Jersey ,25commentsIf John Elway is looking for a Chris Harris Jr. clone he should grab himself a Wolverine. The 2019 Prospect who most resembles Chris Harris Jr. Last night the bombshell dropped. Chris Harris Jr. wants a new contract or a new team. In light of that revelation John Elway enters the 2019 draft with a much bigger hole in the secondary than anyone anticipated. Heck it wasn’t two months ago that Kareem Jackson and Bryce Callahan had Broncos Country fighting to coin a new moniker for a rebuilt No Fly Zone. Now that Denver is suddenly in the market for a cornerback, I thought I’d dig through my notes an reveal the player that most reminded me of Chris Harris Jr. He didn’t make any of my GIF Horse Big Board posts, but David Long of Michigan bears an uncanny resemblance to Strap. Long was a 4 star recruit coming out of high school and played under Jim Harbaugh the length of his collegiate career. He broke out as a Sophomore in Defensive Coordinator Don Brown’s man-heavy scheme, notching 21 tackles, two interceptions, and six pass breakups. Last year in Ann Arbor Long broke up eight passes, made 17 tackles and intercepted one pass. He earned first-team All-Big Ten in 2018. Long’s stats don’t really illustrate how good he was for Michigan. Scouting Report-Elite lateral mobility. -Isn’t the fastest corner, but he sure isn’t slow.-Exceptional technique for press man.-Loose hips to swivel and stay on the receivers hip.-He’s quick to diagnose opposing pass patterns.-He’ll play the run. Quick to attack the ball.-Needs better technique to consistently bring down ball carriers at the next level. -Short.-Shorter arms than you’d like.-May need to get less physical in the pros to avoid flags.-88 percent of his college snaps were at outside cornerback-Played significantly more man coverage than zone.Long is deceptively physical and willing to come up to make plays on the ball carrier, and quarterback. What I’ve heard/read-Dane BruglerNFL Draft & Combine Profile - David Long | NFL.comPFF’s Top-250 Big Board for the 2019 NFL Draft | NFL Analysis | Pro Football FocusDavid Long CB Michigan - Draft Player Profile | The Draft NetworkWhy he fitsI’d much rather have a cornerback hit the pros needing to adjust to zone than man coverage. Long stood out to me as a player who could step in and adjust during his rookie year to the NFL and may prove to be a steal of the draft in the right scheme. He’s a better athlete than Harris was coming out but displays many of the same traits that makes the Broncos future Ring of Famer an elite nickel defender. He’s aggressive at the catch point and will fight with much bigger receivers, he’s fearless against the run, and his savvy is unmistakable. Why he doesn’tIn most NFL schemes his size and length limitations may push him to the nickel, where he’s woefully inexperienced right now. It isn’t that he can’t do it. It’s that we just don’t know. Much like Harris, he’s also spent the majority of his career to date playing mostly man coverage so there will be some growing pains if he came to the Fangio defense where Cover 4 and 3 are the predominant coverage shells. Final ThoughtsMost analysts seem to agree that Long is a 2nd or 3rd round pick and I’d like him a lot at 41. The big reason I didn’t place Long into my original big board were my concerns over his adjustment to Fangio’s D Dalton Risner Denver Broncos Jersey , and if he’d be a man without a home with Bryce Callahan on the roster. I still wonder if the Broncos will even consider him for these reasons. That said, I do think Long has a great chance to outperform his draft position and grow into a dominant NFL player. If Chris Harris Jr. isn’t in John Elway’s plans beyond 2019, I hope the long term plan includes this former Wolverine. Long could give the Broncos a young shutdown corner on Day 2.Broncos vs. Seahawks: No Bull Questions The first game of the 2018 Denver Broncos season is almost here. While it isn’t the first taste of NFL football (which was bad...anyone else catch that snooze-fest of a game last night with 7,321 flags and two teams with QB play to rival the worst the Broncos had to offer last year?), it is for most of us the taste we care about most.There’s so much excitement going into the first week of the NFL season.Why? Because we don’t really know what our team is going to be. Preseason isn’t really a solid indicator of how teams are going to turn out. If it were, we would have won the AFC West last season (4-0 in preseason as I recall it).Questions aboundWe all talk a great game as fans, but the bottom line is the team has to go on the field and show the NFL who they are. Has the QB really been improved? Do we have a legit RB? Will the offense try to throw past the sticks on 3rd and long for a change?Will the cornerback group be okay without Aqib Talib? Can the front seven really stop the run and get after the QB (outside of Von Miller...I think we’re all pretty sure he’s kinda good).If you don’t have at least 5 serious questions like those above going into the first game of the season, I’m not sure I can relate as a fan (no offense, I just have TONS of questions and feel like most of the Broncos fans I talk to do too).I think that is part of the excitement of being a NFL football fan. Every week is an opportunity for the team to answer questions. Each week the story has a chance to change which creates interesting story lines and forges the pages of each season’s story. The problem is if you are like me and you keep all the questions at the forefront, it makes getting serious answers more difficult to discern. So we need to focus a bit.My No Bull Questions for week 1:Is Case Keenum a real step forward for our offense?This has to be the #1 question for every Bronco fan and many non-Bronco fans. The team signed him as an answer. Was last year an outlier, or is this guy for real? If he has success, the fans of this team are going to quickly fall in love with the guy because of our team being bereft of anything that looks like a legitimate NFL QB over the past two seasons.Is Bradley Roby able to hold it down on the outside?Everyone here at milehighreport.com knows I’m one of the biggest skeptics of Bradley Roby. Fans in general like to think all of our guys are awesome especially if they are buried a bit on the depth chart and flash every once in awhile. I just haven’t seen his play in the same light as everyone else. He’s had some supremely sublime moments and really great play. But sprinkled in has been a lot of misreads, getting burned Chris Harris Jersey , and playing too soft at times in coverage. He isn’t Talib and sadly, that’s the standard I’m trying not to hold him to. I don’t need him to be the best CB in the league (cause we all know that’s CHJ now, right?), I just need him to be reliable on the taller WRs we face and play consistently.Does Bill Musgrave have a rabbit in his hat?Let me start by saying that I’m very encouraged by what we’ve seen in the preseason. The offense uses motion, multiple formations, and has run blocked VERY well.But it is now go time. Musgrave has been around the league a long time and has had one very impressive year to his resume (Oakland a few years back if you are wondering...I don’t particularly find a lot of credit for a coach when they have Adrian Peterson in his prime). Musgrave has a lot to prove and needs to call a great game against a team that plays some of the most sound defensive football in the NFL (I may not like their team or their coach, but credit where it is due).Can our ILBs play at a higher level than last year?Brandon Marshall and Todd Davis weren’t great last season. They’ve looked good against the run in the preseason, but still average in pass coverage from what I’ve seen. Can Marshall do more than talk a good game at this point? Since he signed his big contract, his play has taken a step back and this team needs him to get back on the horse full speed.With Todd Davis, I have full faith in his effort. He plays hard and is a monster against the run. The big thing for him is to be a solid player dropping into zone coverage (because he should just never be in man from what I’ve seen of his game).These two starters are a big key for the defense working and they are either going to be the strength or weakness of the front seven this season.Your turnOkay Broncos Country. How about you? What are you going to be looking for in this game specifically? Hit us up in the comments and share your points of view on the team, this game, and the Seahawks.

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